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Traveling to Rome

Posted on 11 November 2017 by admin (0)

Are you planning a visit to Rome? Well, then you have made a perfect choice.Romeis a place of beauty, contrast, and life. It has some great monuments, fountains, church, parks, and gardens. A visit to Rome will rejuvenate your life and soul. One trip toRomeand it will become your favorite holiday spot.

Two things that you have to worry about are the weather and Accommodation in Rome that you will choose. After a day’s sight-seeing, you would want a nice and comfortable room to yourself to rest so that you can gear yourself up for next day’s tour. Travelling to a new place might affect your health as your body will be exposed to weather conditions that might suit you. Also, while packing your stuff you should be aware of the climate that you would experience so that you get the right clothes with you.

Hotels in Rome

The prices are set by the State and all Rome hotels are expected to display the same price. Hotels in Rome generally have low and high season rates. Your bargaining skills will work here. The best hotel location would be any hotel in Centre of Rome as it will be closest to all the tourist spots like Baths of Caracalla, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and many more.

Weather Conditions in Rome

Summer in Rome is from June to August with July and August being the height of the summer months. The heat goes on until October. The temperature could go up to 109F and the average temperature of about 95F. There is generally very little rain during summer. The climate gets very humid and you sweat a lot. Nights are lovely and warm.

Autumn in Rome starts in September with sunny cloudless skies. In October, the temperature could go to 73F and drop to 23F at night. The rain comes in November and December. The autumn season in Rome is almost unpredictable. It can be warm on one day and drizzly the next day.

Winter in Rome is from November to April. There is hardly any snowfall in this city. The average temperature in January could be from 34F to 54F. The air is usually fresh and the skies are bright blue while the weather may be wet and cold.

Spring in Rome starts from March to May. In April the average daytime temperature is around 68F and at night it drops to about 46F. In June the same temperature is about 80F and 59F respectively. Rome is lovely warm during spring with little rainfall. Spring is the most comfortable time to visit as days are warm. You don’t have to wear coats when you go for sight-seeing.

Each season of Rome is beautiful in its own way and brings itself different events and games. You can select any season to visit. All you have to do is prepare yourself for unpredictable weather conditions in Rome. To make your visit more comfortable, select a hotel in Centre of Rome because of its proximity to most of the tourist spots.

The heart of the ancient world and an empire which reached from Britain to North Africa, Rome is now the capital of Italy and has embodied much of the culture of the western world for than two millennia. Nicknamed “the eternal city”, it showcases some of the most magnificent architecture from throughout the ages as testament to its lasting cultural, historical and political significance. The romance of the city has drawn tourism for centuries and it endures as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Best Time to Travel

With so much to see, it’s best to avoid the height of Summer for your trip to Rome – the heat can be hard to endure and air conditioning is not particularly widespread. Heat exhaustion tends to diminish the holiday experience. Also, during the second half of August, much of Rome shuts down while the citizens’ annual exodus to the beach occurs.


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